• 日本語/英語版 Ikigai™ card game Japanese edition / English edition

IKIGAI and the Okinawan art of always being busy.

Find your unique IKIGAI. Your purpose.

Or help your clients find their answer to the question: what do you get up for in the morning?

Tokyo, Launching sessions  April 2019

IKIGAI Cardgameは、あなたが人生の残りの部分で何をすべきかについて本当の答えを見つけるのを助けます。

このカードゲームはユニークな道具です。それはあなたが適切な時に適切な質問をするのを助けます。それはあなたのセッションに論理的な構造をもたらします。 IKIGAI Cardgameはあなたにバランスの取れた選択をすることを強制します。好み、才能、技能、そして今日の市場状況の現実を考慮に入れる。それが混乱、デジタル化、そして持続可能性へのフォーカスの変化の影響を強めています。

IKIGAI Cardgameは挑戦し、あなたの思考を構築するためにゼロから設計されています。その結果、新しいアイディアが生まれます。そしてあなたはバランスの取れた選択をすることを余儀なくされていること。

日本で生きがいがあるのはその理由です。 IKIは人生を指します。そしてGAIは誰かが人生の中で何を期待し期待しているかについて言及します。亜熱帯の沖縄の島で、誰もが自分のいきがいを知っているのは、偶然ではないでしょう。彼らが朝起きたこと90年代の人々が小さなお店を持っていて、地元の食材を市場で販売しているのは珍しいことではありません。


IKIGAI Cardgameをプレイするには?





IKIGAI Cardgameは世界中のコーチやコンサルタントによって使用されています





IKIGAI Cardgame helps you to find real answers about what to do with the rest of your life.

This cardgame is a unique tool. It helps you to ask the right questions at the right time. It brings a logical structure to your sessions. IKIGAI Cardgame forces you to make a balanced choice. Taking into account preferences, talents, skills and the realities of todays market situation. With it's increasing impact of disruption, digitization and changes in sustainability focus.

IKIGAI Cardgame is designed from the ground up to challenge and to structure your thinking. The result is that you get new ideas. And that you are forced to make balanced choices.

IKIGAI in Japan means a reason for being. IKI refers to life. And GAI refers to what someone expects and hopes for in life. It's probably not a coincidence that on the subtropical island of Okinawa, everybody knows their IKIGAI. What they get up for in the morning. It's not uncommon that people in their nineties have small shops and sell local produce on the market.

This small island between Japan and Taiwan is the place where people get most vitally old in the entire world.

How to play IKIGAI Cardgame?

  • you can play IKIGAI with two persons
  • you can play IKIGAI in a small group of up to five people
  • you can even play IKIGAI on your own.

Who is using IKIGAI?

  • IKIGAI Cardgame is used by coaches and consultants from all over the world
  • it's used by HR professionals and line managers with HR tasks
  • it's used by people who want to work on their career choices
  • if you select questions from the card deck, you can use IKIGAI for team building and for students.
  • it is used by professors at schools and universities

Marshall GoldsmithとPaul DonkersがIKIGAIカードゲームの背後にあるアイデアについて議論します。そしてそれはアプリケーションです。







IKIGAI CardgameをTwitterでフォローしてください。@ikigaicardgame


IKIGAI Cardgame is structured in three parts. Each section contains a series of very challenging and sometimes provocative questions.

Part 1: You love it

Part 2: You're good at it

Part 3: Reality check 

The questions in the card deck are based on our own experiences. We have more then 25 years of personal experience in coaching and we know the importance of asking the right questions at the right time.

We know from our own practice that asking the right questions can make all the difference in the world. We have assisted thousands or people from all continents and assisted them finding thèir purpose; their IKIGAI. In other words, we use IKIGAI all the time ourselves!

Follow IKIGAI Cardgame on twitter via: @ikigaicardgame

The game comes in a box that normally fits in your mailbox. Depending on where you are. We ship worldwide.

Paul Donkers playing Ikigai card game with Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

いきなりカードゲームが最近、日本の全国ニュース局NHKで紹介されました:Goodmorning Japan

一対一のセッションでIKIGAI Cardgameを使用する方法についての8分間の英語チュートリアル

3 minute explanation what IKIGAI looks like and how we work with it.

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If you decide to purchase IKIGAI Cardgame, you will get free worksheets to use with this tool.

If you want to know more about why we work with three circles for IKIGAI Card game, please click here.





Ikigai card game in action with students from MIT in Cambridge, Boston 2019.

Ikigai card game at MIT, Boston June 2019


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