• Ikigai Card Game

This truly unique card game is developed to open your mind and to challenge your thinking. Playing IKIGAI helps you to make meaningful choices about what to do with the rest of your professional life. It's a great tool to help ask the right questions and to structure your sessions. 

Ikigai can be translated as a reason for being. It comes from the Japanese language, where 'Iki' refers to life and 'gai' to what someone expects and hopes for.

It's no coincidence that in the Okinawan island culture everyone knows their Ikigai. The island of Okinawa is one of the blue zones of our planet. Here, people get older and get better old then anywhere else. 

How to play IKIGAI Cardgame?

  • Ikigai card game can be played between two people.
  • In a small group with up to five persons. 
  • And you can play it by yourself.

Who is using IKIGAI Cardgame?

  • Ikigai is used by coaches and consultants from around the world.
  • It's also used by Human Resource professionals and by line managers with HR tasks.
  • When selecting a series of questions, IKIGAI can be used for students and even for teambuilding. 
  • Ikigai is also used by people who want to work on their career choices. For themselves and for the people around them: family, friends and clients.

The game is structured in three parts. Each with a series of challenging questions.

Part 1: You love it
Part 2: You're good at it
Part 3: Reality check

Ikigai is bi-lingual in English and in Dutch.

This game comes in a box and contains 68 question-cards. The box also includes a game manual.

IKIGAI Card Game comes in an enveloppe that fits your mailbox. No hassle for you. 

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Please note: IKIGAI ships worldwide. If your country is not on our list of countries, just send an email to winny.vanderburgt@tencompany.org and we are happy to take care of your order.

Turorial on how to use IKIGAI Cardgame in a one-on-one setting

What IKIGAI looks like. What and how.

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Ikigai Card Game

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