• Master of your own destiny - English ePub / PDF

In their powerful new book, global executive coaches Herman van Herterijck and Paul Donkers share the proven methodology they use with their clients around the world. They have developed a unique approach in the last decade. Adapted it for individuals who want to become master of their own destiny... and of their life. They were inspired by project management tools used by large companies and applied them for personal transformations.

You now have acces to their unique tools that they share with you in their book. Use it when:

  • you want to give your career a new impulse
  • when you make a promotion
  • when you fist take on a leadership position

This book serves as a guide when you reach a crossroad in your career.
What can you expect?

  • you learn to use a step-by-step approach
  • you receive a tool to balance your private and your professional life
  • you learn to differentiate between urgent and important
  • you learn, starting from your drivers, to build up your career according to project management tools. And to do so in a proven way.
  • your impact increases.

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Please note: this book is only available as an ebook. To read on your tablet, kindle, kobo or other.

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Master of your own destiny - English ePub / PDF

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